Zero to MVP with No-code.

Learn to build apps without coding in one week.

Spend less, Ship faster

What's included in the ebook?

21 chapters take you through the app-building process, with bonus curation of 120+ No-code tools having sold over 3,000+ copies.

Zero to MVP with No-code - The ultimate guide to build apps without coding | Product Hunt

Code, Lowcode & Nocode

Difference between no-code code and low-code, when to use what.


Secret Sauce to build web apps, mobile apps, landing pages without coding.

Guide to Learn

A to Z guide to building apps without code with different learning resources.


120+ tools to build MVP in weeks. Save 200+ hours of research.

Who is this book for?

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  • Are you looking at a comprehensive guide to building products with no-code tools?
    Are you looking to build a tech product but don't have the necessary coding skills?
    Do you wish to ship your MVPs faster but are constrained by tech resources?
    Are you an entrepreneur with limited cash to fund techies or freelancers?
    Are you aware of no-code tools but don't know how to use them?
    Do you wish to learn a new way to build products?

What will you learn?


Learning the essentials of no-code and low code tools and what they can be used for.


Applying no-code and low-code tools for building products from scratch.


List of resources that will help you in your no-code/ low-code journey.

Spend Less and Ship Faster

Unlock password to hack web development.

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TRY before you BUY

Some of the problems I solved with no-code tools will help you boost your productivity and learn new things. Download them for FREE now.

Twitter bot

Learn How to Build Your Personal Twitter bot to Bookmark Tweets in Public.

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Take Screenshots

Learn how to Automatically take a screenshot of any site at a regular interval.

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Twitter Stats

Learn how to capture your Twitter stats daily into Notion or Airtable all with zero lines of code.

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By 2025, 


of new applications developed by enterprises will use low-code or no-code technologiesGartner

I'm ready to build apps and ship faster


Do I need knowledge of coding to learn about No code?

No, you don't need to know anything about coding, You can build apps without writing a single line of code.

Why is learning about No-code Important?

The World is moving toward digital transformation rapidly, learning about no-code is an opportunity to build apps faster and save money.

How should I contact you in case of any doubts?

You can DM on @MakadiaHarsh on Twitter, I would be happy to help you with this.

Can I build apps in one week, It doesn't sound real?

Yes, you can definitely ship at least one app in less than a week, learning about no-code tools is easy provided you have a learning attitude.

Will No-code take the Web developer job away?

Absolutely Not, All the no-code tools have code underneath. Infact No-code exists to make the developer's job easy. It will bring in more opportunities.

Hi, I'm Harsh Makadia

a software engineer with 6+ years of experience in Tech, product lead at Maruti Techlabs. Building a no-code chabot platform WotNot

Having more than a half-decade of experience. I have shipped tons of apps with code, no-code, and low-code.

This ebook is the one-stop solution for all your need. All the lessons are condensed to save your time.

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